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Head of Financial Inclusion and Social Impact (HFISI)

Job Description

Head of Financial Inclusion and Social Impact (HFISI)

Position Information

Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA) is a non-profit, membership-based organization established in 2004 to ensure the prosperity and sustainability of microfinance sector in Cambodia. CMA is recognized by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and is a part of the Association of Banks in Cambodia. CMA has more than 100 members operating in 25 provinces and serving two million households. The core role is to facilitate microfinance operators especially its members in their operations and to strengthen communication with authorities, national and international donors, creditors and investors for better financial inclusion, responsible financing, and sustainability of microfinance sector.

Position Summary

The position holder will work under direct supervision of the Executive Director (ED) to facilitate, develop, implement and ensure the quality and effectiveness of Financial Inclusion Program (FIP). S/he will provide strategic leadership and direction to lead the department successfully.

Key Responsibility and Expected Results

Strategic Partnership and Networking:

  • Work with stakeholder to ensure the Poverty Probability Index (PPI) is up to date
  • Develop the execution plan to on board MFI to implement PPI
  • Develop the mechanism to measure the impact on society from the work of MFI
  • Represent CMA at conferences and events organized by current or potential partners
  • Dynamically promote the contribution of the microfinance sector to financial inclusion and social impact among members, NBC, partners, stakeholders and also the public
  • Nurture partnerships with existing and potential key donors/partners, members, and supporters for technical and financial support to the department and CMA
  • Build and maintain good relationship with key financial inclusion players such as NBC, ABC, SPTF, Smart Campaign, members, and other key potential stakeholders/partners
  • Ensure good collaboration among the CMA departments to accomplish ultimate objectives of the FIP including financial literacy, financial inclusion, and financial consumer protection

Strategic Direction and Operations:

  • Take lead in developing strategic plan for FIP to become a flagship program/platform for better responsible financing for microfinance sector in Cambodia 
  • Develop the strategy for Financial Inclusion for whole sector for board approval
  • Develop the execution plan by working with related stakeholder to implement this financial inclusion strategy
  • Develop a tool to monitor the progress against the plan on regulation basis and report the ED and Board
  • Develop annual operational plan and budgeting for the department
  • Propose and design financial inclusion projects for submission to financial supporters and participate in and support discussions and negotiations with donors
  • Identify studies which could be led by CMA ( For ex. to measure the financial inclusion impact of financial services , to identify innovative or successful business models; to analyze country cases; to measure client satisfaction which financial services; Any other topic related to financial inclusion)
  • Identify partner institutions which would be interested in supporting CMA’s research activities in the field of financial inclusion or working with CMA to develop joint research
  • Ensure all activities are delivered in high quality manner

Program Development and Budget Management

  • Produce program progress reports and ensure sound financial management for the department
  • Oversight of result-based planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring tools, tracking funding resources, and cost recovery mechanisms
  • Facilitate ongoing review and strengthening of the FIP
  • Facilitate Social Performance (SPM) Club to strengthen the financial inclusion and greater social impact
  • Prepare program budget, and ensure transparency and accountability of the expenditure
  • Monitor the budget and expenditure and communicate financial report with Operation Department and donors or supporters properly

Staff Management and Development:

  • Provide overall leadership and management to the staff members and conduct the performance appraisals of staff under supervision
  • Identify capacity development needs of the team and ensure development plans are in place and actively followed
  • Liaise appropriately with other department or program or units within CMA
  • Lead the department team reflections, meetings, and learning for ongoing improving quality of the program.
  • Promote team synergy to increase ownership and accountability
  • Lead in the planning and implementation the key events of the department
  • Ensure completion of other tasks as assigned by the Executive Director

Competency and Skills Requirements

  • Financial Inclusion: Serves and promotes financial inclusion, responsible financing and client protection principles
  • People Skills: Sets clear performance goals and standards; executes responsibilities accordingly; ability to think strategically and holistically and make independent decisions when necessary; ability to effectively manage performance of staff and provide support when needed
  • Partnering & Networking: Seeks and applies knowledge, information, and best practices within Cambodia and region; effectively engage and mobilize resources from donors and other partners
  • Result-based Orientation: Plans and produces quality results to meet established department/CMA’s goals
  • Communication: Demonstrates effective written and oral communication skills and good negotiations skills
  • Job Expertise: Performs day-to-day tasks in a professional manner; facilitates participatory processes in decision making; coordinates with a wide range of stakeholders; develops and writes funding proposals and effectively and efficiently assists to manage the department

Qualification Requirements

  • Master Degree in Project Management, Economic Development, Public/Business Administration or related field
  • Minimum 7 years of relevant experience in program planning, implementation, monitoring & evaluation, and financial inclusion
  • Experience in conducting/facilitating multi-stakeholder forum/workshops with the involvement of stakeholders such as key government agencies, financial services providers, private companies and grassroots communities, etc
  • Good knowledge in financial inclusion, client protection, or social performance is a plus


Ms. Pheng Vouchnice

Email: info@cma-network.org

Posting date: 29 November 2019

Due Date: 20 Dec 2019


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