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Who we are

The Cambodia Microfinance Association is an NGO and professional association that aims to ensure the prosperity and sustainability of the microfinance sector in Cambodia. CMA plays a vital role in creating local and international networks as well as seeking equity and loan funds , new technologies and overseeing conflict resolution between microfinance operators.
All of these activities have led each member microfinance institution to become stronger and more successful and thereby attract support from the international market to enable industry expansion.

Background and Key Milestones

2002: Seven leading local MFIs: SATHAPANA, AMRET, HKL, Maxima, Seilanithih, CREDO and PRASAC agree to establish CMA.

2004: CMA is formally established, including seven founding MFI members.     
The team is comprised of a General Secretary (part time volunteer) and an Assistant Secretary who operated from rented office space within a member office.

2006: CMA expands to 13 registered members and the office is moved to its own premises within the Mekong Bank compound first floor.
Agence Française de Développement (AFD) becomes a donor for the first time.
The system of CMA Committees is established in the areas of IT & Marketing, Advocacy, Training and Audit.  

2007: Apour Développement Autonome (ADA) in Luxembourg provides workshop on Microfinance Performance Analysis for CMA members  at first time. ADA also commits to supporting CMA until 2016.
    The CMA team also grows to include two full time paid staff members: General Secretary and Finance & Administration Officer.     14 Active Members.

2008: CMA becomes a sub-division of ABC and recognized by NBC
CMA expands to include a team of four full time paid staff members: General Secretary, Finance & Administration Officer, IT & Project Assistant Officer and Admin Assistant & Driver. All of these staff are funded by ADA and Planet Finance.
CMA produces the first MOU of Healthy Competition.  
In this year CMA’s membership base grows to 17 Active Members.
The Cambodian microfinance industry is severely affected by the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).
2009: Following more growth, CMA includes six full time paid staff members: General Secretary, Finance & Administration Officer, IT & Marketing Assistant Officer, Training Manager, Admin & Training Assistant Officer and Cleaner.
NBC allows MFIs to collect savings from the public for the first time.
CMA also receives support from Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development, who send one full time volunteer from Australia to assist the team.  
20 Active Members.

2010: CMA staff numbers grow to seven.
Membership numbers surge to 22, including the first Ordinary Member, following global market recovery after the GFC.
CMA beings to work in partnership with Planet Finance who agree to support the Social Performance Management (SPM) Project from 2010 – 2012.
CMA’s clubs were established including the CEO club, the Operation Club, the Finance club and the HR club.  
CMA releases the second version of Healthy Competition MOU.

2011-2012: Increasing member up to 28 & 33 Active Members,  2 & 4 Ordinary Members.  CMA staff number grow to eight. Agence Française de Développement (AFD) becomes a donor for the second time on Client Protection Initiative project for 3 years from July 2012-July 2015.
2013-2014: CMA’s membership base grows to 36 & 39 Active Members, 5 & 6 Ordinary Members.

2014-2015: CMA’s membership base grows to 39 & 42 Active Members, 6 & 15 Ordinary Members. 

2015-2016: CMA’s membership base grows to 42 & 53 Active Members, 15 & 20 Ordinary Members. 

CMA enters a partnership with Australian charity Good Return to implement the CAFE project. This includes two full time members of the Good Return team working from CMA premises. CMA creates a new documentary series with the purpose of financial education for the Cambodian public. An Australian volunteer is based in the CMA office.      



Monday, 19 August 2019 (Update)
N& MFIs 71MFIs,4 FLIs and 6RCIs 71MFIs,4 FLIs and 6RCIs
Loan 6,048.16 Million USD 6,456.41 Million USD
Borrower 1,992,010 2,126,222
Deposits 3,102 Million USD 3,394 Million USD
Depositor 2,420,200 2,561,680
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